I love my alma mater, but it is definitely my #ProblematicFave
  1. PRO: Your campus looks like a spa retreat.
  2. CON: Because of this, you never want to study. And you don't.
  3. PRO: The weather's always nice.
  4. CON: Except for the fact that it rains every day for at least ten minutes, and you never have your umbrella on you when you need it because it looks so nice out when you leave your house.
    I have a lot of harbored feelings about this, apparently.
  5. PRO: You have a reputation of going to a great sports school.
  6. CON: Your sports teams haven't been consistently good in years.
  7. PRO: There are so many great places to go in the city.
  8. CON: There are no good forms of public transportation to get to said places.
  9. PRO: You are a Hurricane, a powerful force of nature.
  10. PRO: Your mascot is an ibis.
    You thought this was gonna be a con? WRONG. Ibises are the last to leave in a hurricane and the first to return. Quite the cool symbol, even though it is a bird.
  11. PRO: Your degree has recently become more respectable due to rising rankings.
  12. CON: The school won't exist by the end of the century due to rising sea levels.