1. My dad has CNN on TV at all times.
  2. Due to one sister moving out and another moving back in, there are suitcases all over the place.
  3. Everyone sits on their phones keeping to themselves, while my mom works through a book of sudoku puzzles.
  4. People clump around a very small set of outlets to charge said phones and technological devices.
  5. All toiletries are in 3oz clear bottles.
  6. The communal book selection is slightly dated bestsellers and trashy romance/mystery novels.
  7. Attire found on the average day could be classified as either "business comfort" or "too casual."
  8. Someone announces the time every fifteen to thirty minutes, often in multiple languages.
  9. The train track that runs next to the house vibrates with such vigor that it sometimes feels like a plane preparing for takeoff.
  10. Everyone gets mad when someone in the family delays plans by as little as fifteen minutes.