It's been long enough, wouldn't you say?
  1. You're the Worst
    I don't know how more people don't know about this show, every critic said there should be some nominations for acting at the very least.
  2. Jane the Virgin
    There is no weak spot on this show? What's the problem?
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    At the very least home girl should have gotten a Best Actress nod. The VERY least.
  4. Girls
    Best season since the first... Stellar stuff.
  5. BoJack Horseman
    Do animated shows count?
  6. The Carmichael Show
    Probably can't have two black family sitcoms at once, right? 🙄
  7. Fresh off the Boat
    The best family sitcom you skipped since you got Black-ish.
  8. Brooklyn 99
    Best ensemble workplace comedy since Parks. But I guess we shouldn't be surprised it got shafted, just like its predecessor.
  9. Bob's Burgers
    Still unsure about animated shows...
  10. Broad City
    So niche but so good.
  11. Casual
    If it's good enough for a Golden Globe nod, it's good enough for me. Also, Michaela Watkins deserves so much more, what a solid performance.
  12. Difficult People
    Much like Broad City, niche as hell about Jewish New Yorkers, but always gets an LOL out of me.
  13. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Has it ever been nominated? Isn't it high time?
  14. Lady Dynamite
    It might have just missed the cutoff? But wow what a unique vision held up by great performances... Give the Arrested Development award you always meant to!
  15. Catastrophe
    I honestly haven't seen it but I have only heard good things, might as well put that in MF's place!
  16. Superstore
    Another great workplace comedy! Maybe not ready for Emmys, but a super solid start and would be a great Golden Globe nom next year!
  17. Playing House
    Ladies! Does anyone remember Jessica and Lennon's six-episode show on NBC, Best Friends Forever? That was great. This is even better.