I recently finished an internship with an ad agency in Miami, and this place kept the kitchen STOCKED! Mad respect.
  1. Side salads with Ranch dressing
    Don't kid yourself. This ain't happening.
  2. Apples
    They only had Red Delicious, so... no.
  3. Bananas
  4. Hummus
    If I'm REALLY in the mood...
  5. Oranges
    I had like three, usually on days when I almost convinced myself to live a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Cheese sticks
    When nothing is truly appealing, this is the go to.
  7. Plantain chips
    Specifically the chili-lemon ones. Holy mother, Miami did something right for once.
  8. Clif Bars
    When I needed an energy boost (read: always) and felt like being somewhat kind to my body (read: rarely).
  9. Sweet and spicy nut mix
    They got rid of these halfway through my intern term, and then I would cry when I went down and saw sub-par nut mixes.
  10. Baked Lays
    Perfect for Subway runs for lunch — didn't have to buy the combo!
  11. Chex Mix
    These are always stocked, and it's really bad but also really good.
  12. Carrots with Ranch dip
    Where would I be without these bad boys? Gave me life around 3 PM when I was (am?) emotionally done.