I feel very passionate about this album. And my ranking is right.
  1. End Of Time
    This is an unpopular opinion, but I cannot make it through this song. Could do without it entirely.
  2. Run The World (Girls)
    I'm not apologizing. This only redeeming part of this song is the bridge. I love my girl power songs as much as the next guy, but this is a boring song.
  3. Start Over
    Very neutral on this song... Pretty forgettable but pleasant.
  4. Rather Die Young
    Sometimes I forget about this one -- and I definitely couldn't sing with it at all -- but that chorus has some funky chords that get me excited.
  5. I Was Here
    Girl just sounds good. Love when she uses that lower register, and although the subject matter is a little cliche it doesn't sound awful from her.
  6. Best Thing I Never Had
    Honestly this makes it this high up just for the bridge and the final chorus riffs.
  7. I Miss You
    Underrated little gem, written by Frank Ocean, slow and sad and easily quotable to friends.
  8. Love On Top
    The key changes... THE KEY CHANGES!
  9. Party
    These fuckin' harmonies are like Destiny's Child if all the children were Beyonce. Plus the Andre 3000 rap balls so hard. This is the groove.
  10. 1+1
    Best Bey ballad post-Halo. Have we all seen the rehearsal in her dressing room that Jay filmed? http://youtu.be/f1nYC7_VZGw
  11. Countdown
    Perfect pop song. Catchy as hell, lyrically interesting, ideal sample... Yeah.
  12. I Care
    This is my favorite Bey song and I need more people to get on board. The beat, the vocals, the lyrics, the falsetto guitar solo, ugh YEAH B lets go get 'em.