Thanks to @clairegee for getting me to start watching! Overall notes: all the lady episodes (1, 4, and 5) are better than all the dude episodes — watch those at the very least!
  1. Lauren Lapkus
    The woman struggling with her luggage getting onto the bus. And the stripper dancing (humping?) to Ben Folds.
  2. John Early
    The lip syncing at the very end. And the Southern mom comedian looking for her denim!
  3. Henry Zebrowski
    Being on the cross next to Jesus as J's followers watched on.
  4. Kate Berlant
    Literally everything. Perfect from top to bottom. If you're gonna watch one episode, let it be this one!
  5. Natasha Rothwell
    All three (four?) characters waiting for jury duty. And the entire Basic Bitch rap.
  6. Paul W. Downs
    The Danish MTV VJ. And the Bible publisher going over his notes of the book. Side note: so exciting to see Abbi Jacobson doing something non-Broad City!
  7. Tim Robinson
    The dad singing a lullaby for his daughter and her inevitable boyfriend.
  8. Dr. Brown
    This is a fascinating (dare I say... avant-garde) episode but the three characters are intentionally exactly the same. No stand outs. Except the woman teaching him how to sing "Michael Row the Boat Ashore."