The Farthest I've Traveled ✈️🚙

Inspired by everyone else doing this!
  1. North: Grand Marais, MN
    My friend's ancestors built this town? IDK all the specifics, but they're basically royalty. It's chill.
  2. South: Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa
    Studied abroad in Cape Town (10/10 would recommend!!) and the view here is BEAUTIFUL. Ugh, everything we saw in South Africa was so great, take me back!
  3. West: San Francisco, CA
    Fun family vacation of sight seeing! We biked the Golden Gate Bridge (to Sausalito and back) in the middle of winter, and I have never hated exercise more. But great city!
  4. East: Dead Sea, Israel
    Both of my parents are born and raised in Israel, and one of my uncles lives in the middle of the desert a half hour away from the Dead Sea. Very cool, very floaty.