SORRY I'M LATE I'M TOO INDECISIVE TO COMMIT TO TIDAL (ps thx for finally going to Spotify, respect your game KW). Really solid album top to bottom.
  1. Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission
    I mean... Why? Am I missing something?
  2. I Love Kanye
    I just can't take this seriously? It just feels "cute," which is so off brand? But also writing this feels so on brand? Conflicted.
  3. Low Lights
    I mean... I get it. But where is Ye? Good beat, pleasant interlude.
  4. Highlights
    Lyrically hilarious. Mostly feel indifferent to this one musically, though. Parts feel like a throwback, parts just bored me...
  5. Real Friends
    Like the beat and sample, but I don't care much for the lyrics on this one. Almost feel like this would be a better Drake song? I'd probably like it more that way?
  6. Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
    This is better than I remember it being when it first came out. But also... Just listen to "Jumpman" for the better version?
  7. Feedback
    Great message, good rhymes and beat, just not my JAM. Love the amount of times he says "good snooze." Bonus points for "You get a fur! You get a jet!"
  8. Waves
    Didn't want to like this one (lookin' at you, Chris Brown), but here we are. Almost doesn't feel like a Kanye song... Or at least not like the rest of TLOP.
  9. Pt. 2
    Don't hate it, but Pt. 1 is just more my vibe. Don't normally love the triplet trap style, but it's working for me here, maybe thanks to this Timbaland-esque background? LOVE the end.
  10. 30 Hours
    I'm in for this. Solid lyrics, simple beat that does the song justice, ANDRE 3000. Two minute or so too long, though.
  11. FML
    Kanye's parts gets me hyped! The Weeknd's part does not!
  12. Fade
    Not the most impressive song, but I get fuckin' down. Obsessed with the background beat. I love that this is how he closes the album. I FEEL IT.
  13. No More Parties in LA
    Kendrick does the damn thing. Kanye does the damn thing. I would love a Watch the Throne with West and Lamar. I would vote for a West-Lamar ticket. Keep doin' it.
  14. Freestyle 4
    LOVE the violin, love the lyrics, love the 808 and synth thing that comes in. Yes. Yes again. Reminds me of "Hold My Liquor" two years in the future and on ecstasy.
  15. Famous
    This feels like a throwback kind of? In the best way. Rih sounds great, wish she had more. Great samples (I see you, Nina)! Lyrics aren't amazing but production makes it work.
  16. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1
    Love ya Kid Cudi. So hear for this flow. Both dudes are killing it here. Bonus points for bleached asshole lyrics.
  17. Wolves (and Frank's Track)
    I'm. So. In. The sample, the auto tune, the lyrics, the guest vocals, shout out. Hard for me to separate the two tracks here, and that's OK.
  18. Ultralight Beam
    Inspiring as fuck. Destined to be a classic. Chance's part is the best part, though - sorry, Ye.