This is my first year watching the event in full, and I have a lot of questions. (Number one, how dare you? -Kelly Kapoor)
  1. How long is this?
    An hour.
  2. How old is Gigi Hadid?
  3. How old is her younger sister, who is dating The Weeknd?
  4. How old is The Weeknd?
    25, a six year difference.
  5. Will they stop cutting to Kris and Caitlyn every time Kendall Jenner walks?
  6. These outfits are REALLY ugly, right?
  7. Is Selena Gomez singing live?
    Not sure, but more evidence points to no.
  8. Is Ellie Goulding singing live?
    Not sure, but more evidence points to yes?
  9. Why is it so... white?
    I can count one Asian and three Black girls. Be better. Which reminds me...
  10. Remember when Jourdan Dunn was supposed to be here and then called them out on Twitter?
    LOL. But wish she was here.
  11. Does any of this top when Rihanna performed "Phresh Off The Runway" a few years ago?
    Absolutely not. (Please watch 3:20 to the end at the very least.)
  12. Why am I watching this?
    There is no acceptable answer.