This is a true story. 💯
  1. I was 17 and just graduated high school.
  2. Ellie Goulding was promoting her first album, but this was before Lights became a huge single. She put on a concert in a pretty small venue in Minneapolis, and I went with a group of friends.
    Including the List App's very own @clairegee!
  3. After the show, my friends and I waited next to her tour bus to see if we could meet her.
  4. About a half hour later, she came out of the venue, went back on her bus, then came back out to say hello and take pictures with fans.
  5. Background information: the shirt I was wearing has a dinosaur on it holding a sign that says "Free hugs!"
  6. After we got to the front of the line, the first thing I said was, "I'm giving out free hugs... Do you want one?"
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    I shudder as I type this out. 2011 me was the epitome of "your problematic fave."
  7. She was gracious and hugged me, then asked where I got my t-shirt.
  8. I told her the shirt was from American Eagle, and because I remembered she was from England, I added: "I don't know if they have that by you."
    Like an asshole. OF COURSE it's in England, it's a massive retailer, ugh MATTAN be better!
  9. She very quickly retorted that she was familiar with the brand.
    I'm still hurting about this.
  10. Then she (very happily) took pictures with my friends and me.
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    S/O to @clairegee who came with me and had the photos on her digital camera (a life before smart phones, what a time to be alive).
  11. Thanks, Ellie, for tolerating my dumbass and putting on a great show! I still listen to the Lights album often, and I wish you continual success.