Never gonna stop making lists about this show. It has affected my vocabulary more than anything else in the pop culture zeitgeist. Let me know if I missed some good ones, and go watch it all on Hulu now!
  1. Amahzing
  2. Suh kyuht
    So cute
  3. Year of ______
    When someone is killing it.
  4. Jane, you crazy!
    When I talk about getting bangs (lol)/ when someone says something unexpected or out of character
  5. I'm not as dumb as I am.
    When I say something smarter than expected.
  6. Socialiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize.
    It's an auto-tuned sung take on the word socialize, from the Boyz II Menorah episode.
  7. You stupid, clumsy, bitch!
    When someone does something really stupid and/or clumsy.
  8. Great to see you again!
    Said fake nicely. When I'm with a friend and they offend me jokingly, usually within the first ten minutes of meeting.
  9. I don't know why you're trying to bring me down, I'm just keeping it positive!
    The sung argument between Penny and her mom (Megan Mullally!). Used in the context you would expect.
  10. Now a brother can't twirl?
    When I have to fight gender roles in society.
  11. Bitch, it is 5:30! / Bitch, it is 5:40!
    When it's early or when someone startles me, regardless of the actual time.
  12. Is this a bad time to tell you I've never seen The Wire?
    When I have to break bad news or ease tension. Or when someone brings up The Wire slash prestige TV.
  13. 'Shups
  14. It's too... Shia LaBeouf-y!
    When I don't like something and don't know how to explain why.
  15. Smell that? ... Racism.
    When someone is being a racist.
  16. When I get drunk, I eat ribs!
    When I'm drunk, or REALLY craving ribs.
  17. To what degree of shambles would you say your life is in? / Your life is in shambles!
    Used as expected, especially when someone does something petty and complains a lot.
  18. Not my jam.
    When I don't like something.
  19. What would Kerry Washington do in Scandal?
    My personal WWJD. (Except when it comes to adultery!!!!)
  20. Fa-che
    Face in Italian (or at least an Italian accent)
  21. You got them thangz!
    When properly describing someone's cleavage, but never to said person's face.
  22. Roof stoof
    Rough stuff
  23. Sooks
  24. Stiiiiiings a bit...
    When I get burned and it hits too close to home.
  25. I am gonna go and bawl my eyes out, and then I will be back to physically fight you.
    Also when I get burned.
  26. Yes and yes and yes and yes!
    When someone or something is gettin' it.
  27. Ty Ty... You a little ti ti?
    When someone is very, very tired.
  28. That bitch YOUNG.
    When that bitch is YOUNG.
  29. Yikes on bikes!
    When shit hits the fan.
  30. Fro yo, over it. Other stuff, over it.
    When I'm OVER IT.
  31. You are one of my oldest friends, but if we met now, we'd be enemies. Thanks for the truck!
    When my friend is being dumb.
  32. We feel terrific. We look even better than we feel, which, as you remember, is terrific.
    When I'm well slept and everything is great OR when I'm a mess and everything is terrible.
  33. Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.
    This is both a promise and a threat.