I have no backbone and generally give all my drivers five stars, but I had to change my ways this morning.
  1. Didn't follow the map
  2. Missed a marked left turn
  3. Tried to turn left in an intersection with no left turns
  4. Went to park in a Wendy's when I told her to go straight
  5. Continued to drive IN THE LEFT LANE for a full minute
    As in, FACING TRAFFIC!!!
  6. When a police officer's sirens went off, she assumed they were for someone else.
  7. Didn't immediately freak out or change lanes when the police officer told her
  8. Still didn't look at the map
  9. Told me she doesn't know this part of Miami at all
    This is fair. But also, don't accept rides here then???
  10. Then said she tends to drive in places she knows because then she can maintain a five star rating, since Uber is her livelihood.
  11. Blocked the intersection during a red light
  12. Swerved to make a turn I warned her about for over a mile
  13. Couldn't figure out which lane went straight at a three way intersection
    Hint: the left one!!
  14. Blocked a car when dropping me off just short of where I asked her