1. Homemade Mondrian painting
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    I love me some 20th century modernist art movements, and this seemed like the easiest to reproduce.
  2. Set piece from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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    Five years ago I played Augustus Gloop (fat suit and all) in a children's theatre production of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and this was a window covering in a giant clock that I popped my head through every time a new kid got taken away by the Oompa Loompas.
  3. Caricature circa age 8
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    I think this was from my dad's work event many years ago. This is still the aesthetic to which I aspire today.
  4. Canvas print of cassettes
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    I just though it was cool and a good addition to my music corner (some African drums, a keyboard, and my CD collection).
  5. State quarter collection
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    Not technically ON my wall, but it is prominently on display. VERY proud of this, still collecting the national parks quarters.
  6. Portrait painted by my dad circa age 10
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    Bless his heart and his painting phase that lasted about six months. I know it looks like a monkey but honestly it was pretty accurate upon its creation.
  7. The Notorious PUG print
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    Generous birthday gift from the squad, combining my love of hip hop culture and pugs. Related, I used to own a Notorious B.I.G. poster and had it up for two years of college.
  8. Needlepoints made by my mom
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    Had these since I was a wee baby. Which makes the top one weird because we never had a dog growing up...
  9. College diploma
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    Also not ON the wall... Thanks for sending me to college, parents!
  10. IDK how to explain this one
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