I bet this has been done, but this is too important to not do for myself. Cutting to Top 10 was hard, so let me know if I missed your fave!
  1. Your Song (Elton John)
    Couldn't not include it. If it's good enough for the Royal Wedding, it's good enough for me. http://youtu.be/D9AFMVMl9qE
  2. Only Girl In The World (Rihanna)
    Slowing and stripping it down is a cool way to make the lyrics more poignant. I can fux with it. http://youtu.be/4aaLrBTVw1Q
  3. Sweet Disposition (Temper Trap)
    A little slow, but the rawness is so endearing. http://youtu.be/IplEnGzNaKw
  4. Take Me To Church (Hozier)
    I loved the original more than anything for a month a good year and a half ago, and I just found this in my research for this list because apparently I'm the worst. Love this electronic rendition a lot. http://youtu.be/yDtR8sn4z-A
  5. The Wolves (Bon Iver)
    The original is my favorite BI song, so I'm biased, but the wholly a cappella rendition is stirring and emotional. Great take on the original. http://youtu.be/soaixQGGg-U
  6. All I Want (Kodaline)
    Bless the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (it deserves its own list). Purest voice, stripped down to just guitar and piano... And then the strings come in. Unf. http://youtu.be/XQv5ihwBZds
  7. Tessellate (Alt-J)
    Love the original so much, but this is a cool and innovative cover with great production quality, and our girl sounds GOOD. http://youtu.be/geSScmBWBtE
  8. Hanging On (Active Child)
    So hard to make a stand out cover of a truly unique song, but her version is a real rival of Active Child's. Yes yes yes. http://youtu.be/Ap-A0RKhi2s
  9. Don't Panic (Coldplay)
    The HARMONIES! I'm a sucker for the original (I really like Garden State, it's my problematic fave, not apologizing), but this is killer. She killed it. http://youtu.be/vdj7YN-oDHo
  10. High For This (The Weeknd)
    Everything just works here. Melodies, tempo, electronic backing... Also the only time I loved The Weeknd, so that must count for something? http://youtu.be/Id7e-9WaxMc