1. Broad City, S1
    Everyone should be watching this. Ladies are doin' the damn thing!
  2. Bob's Burgers, S1
    Bought this before I realized it was on Netflix... Whoops. Great stuff, though!
  3. Happy Endings, S1-3
    Happy Endings, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. (This is my all time favorite show, and I will definitely lend these to you so long as we can discuss how great it is on a regular basis)
  4. The OC, S4
    An ex-friend of my sister lent this to us many years ago and it never got returned. I thank Big G for unlimited access to A Summer for Peaches.
  5. Party Down, S1-2
    I had never seen the show before and found a box set for cheap. Very enjoyable!
  6. Soap, S1-4
    My dad -- probably the biggest TV hater I know -- references "Confused? You won't be!" at least twice a week. A year ago he proceeded to buy the entire series. Still hasn't been watched...