I used to pride myself on not being a TV quitter, but making this list makes me realize I was VERY WRONG! Let me know if any of these deserve to be completed!
  1. 2 Broke Girls
    Kat Dennings spewing lascivious jokes is my personal brand. I made it to season 4 and then just lost it in the shuffle. Now that it's in syndication, I'll probably never get back into watching it weekly, but I support the cause.
  2. American Horror Story
    Really like season 1 (always here for Connie Britton), season 2 lost me with aliens and Anne Frank and overall preachiness. Quit halfway through this season. Part of me wants to finish it up (at the very least watch season 3 when it's just #bosswitches) but I probably won't.
  3. Episodes
    I like dry British humor and Matt LeBlanc as much as the next guy, but after finishing the first season I just lost all interest. Is this show any good? Honestly not sure... Actually, did I even finish the first season???
  4. Gossip Girl
    Made it to somewhere in the middle of season 4? Honestly this series is a total mystery to me and probably should have ended at the end of season 2, but I give it props for some great actors and characters and plot lines. Probably will never finish, and I'm coming to terms with that.
  5. Grey's Anatomy
    I watched NINE SEASONS one summer and fell in love with this show. When I caught up and started watching it weekly, I made it four episodes in and then just stopped. I would like to finish this one!
  6. Homeland
    As many will tell you, the first season of Homeland is some of the best dramatic television ever made. I ate that up in like two days. That being said, every season after was panned by pretty much everyone, so I never made it past the first year. But DAMN, what a season!
  7. House of Cards
    This is a weird one. I watched the first half of season 1 in a day, waited two months and then watched the second half in a day. When season 2 premiered, I watched the first half in a few days and then never finished... This was a year and a half ago. Don't really feel like I'm missing anything since my fave characters left. Kevin Spacey is EXTRA in this show.
  8. How I Met Your Mother
    I have tried to watch every episode of this multiple times and always stop somewhere around the third season. I've seen enough episodes through syndication that I think I know everything that happens? One day, perhaps, I'll do the whole thing...
  9. Revenge
    After three and a half seasons, I was fully ready to give up... A few weeks later, it was announced that the show would end that year. I have half a season left, so I'll probably finish this up??
  10. Six Feet Under
    By circumstances outside of my control, I lost access to watching this show four years ago while in the middle of season 4. I AM DYING TO FINISH THIS! SOMEONE PLEASE LEND ME YOUR HBO INFO!
  11. The Walking Dead
    Sophomore year of college I marathoned the first season in a day and the second season in two days. After catching up in the show's third season break, I realized I actually hated the show and stopped. I have the least remorse for quitting this over all others on this list.
  12. True Detective
    See "Homeland"