United States State Quarters, 1999-2008, Ranked

  1. 50.
    This doesn't tell me anything about the state. And it just looks boring. I'll pass on this one.
  2. 49.
    Honestly, I'm just over it. OG quarters didn't try too hard in the looks department, and this is very meh to me.
  3. 48.
    Simple in the state outline, one historical figure, and slogan. Pretty much every other state that used this formula improved on this one.
  4. 47.
    Fuck this bird. WHERE ARE THE POTATOES?
  5. 46.
    I honestly don't get this one... Am I supposed to get that a lot of animals died in this wasteland of a state? (I hope not...)
  6. 45.
    I was born in Indiana, and I have seen every episode of Parks and Rec multiple times. This does not do it for me. We get it, Indy 500, but Indiana is more than this! Not ugly, though, layout-wise.
  7. 44.
    ... That's it? A mountain? This state has so much more to offer! Bye, Colorado, come back when you have a second draft.
  8. 43.
    West Virginia
    I like bridges, but I still want more here. No wildlife or plant life to showcase?
  9. 42.
    That horse is too damn skinny. I've never been a horse person, so I'll pass. But I do appreciate the use of foreground and background!
  10. 41.
    New Hampshire
    Uhh... Ok? I guess? Layout is nice but what am I even looking at?
  11. 40.
    New York
    It's just so... Expected? Very basic, decent placement, I understand but don't love.
  12. 39.
    Can someone explain this to me? Love shining bright like a diamond, but what's the connection to the bird and wetlands?
  13. 38.
    I would like this for a Georgia State Fair poster, but otherwise... Like, you love your peaches, whatever, already lost my interest. But bonus points for including food, I can work with that.
  14. 37.
    I get the historical significance, but I find it a little boring. New Jersey does the boat thing much better. And again with the second year not matching with the coin printing date, just like Missouri!
  15. 36.
    South Carolina
    I like the diversity of content that surround the outline of the state. One of the earlier one to use this format, and it works for them.
  16. 35.
    Rhode Island
    I'm kind of just bored? Bridge is cool, water is cool, but there's not enough to excite me here.
  17. 34.
    I know this is an OG quarter and the stakes to be visually interesting were lower, but for some reason this bare tree does it for me. Love being reminded that everything dies and nothing matters... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. 33.
    Clean and elegant. Love the layout. One of the first so even though it looks like many others it was one of the first to do it.
  19. 32.
    Really pleasant layout, but what do flowers and birds have anything to do with the Tate of Oklahoma? I'm just not feelin' it anymore than a pretty picture.
  20. 31.
    OK, points for promoting education, for real, but minus points for being the most boring depiction ever. Classic Iowa.
  21. 30.
    Love the picture, hate the bicentennial years at the top, especially since the second year isn't even the year the quarter was released. Do better.
  22. 29.
    Luv ya, HK, you deserve nothing but the best. BUT... aesthetically, this is not the most interesting coin. Love the braille, though!
  23. 28.
    North Carolina
    I like it overall - really takes the most famous thing about the state and runs with it. Nice layout that takes up the space of the coin dynamically.
  24. 27.
    Didn't think I would like this, but kind of presently surprised with the faux-skyline behind the state outline. Don't love, don't hate. #TeamLincoln
  25. 26.
    Is Ohio trying steal the Wright Brothers claim from North Carolina? This coin doesn't look as nice and only Orville was born in Ohio, so... Love the Armstrong reference with the state outline, though!
  26. 25.
    I don't hate this. This is what I imagine Maine to be like at all times, so I can work with this.
  27. 24.
    Don't love this as much as New Mexico, who I think did the state outline + symbol thing a little better. The font feels like a strange choice?
  28. 23.
    Honestly, cute. Surprised there's nothing about cars or music, but I can work with this.
  29. 22.
    We get it, you have a lot of state parks (for real, shout out to John Muir, though). Why do so many quarters have birds on them? Over it.
  30. 21.
    I'm glad they know that all we are interested in is that sweet maple syrup. Thank you for everything, Vermont!
  31. 20.
    I like the symmetry here paired with the historical reference. For some reason I wish there was more, though? Even though the coin is already filled wholly.
  32. 19.
    Timely again because of The Revenant. Thx, Leo!
  33. 18.
    North Dakota
    A little bit of a cop out after Kansas did bison on their quarter the year before, but this is still a cool looking quarter. There is little going for North Dakota (of national importance, sorry!), so I get the grasping for straws.
  34. 17.
    Music, historical context, and a bomb water bird? Alright, I see you! Simple but not boring. Good work.
  35. 16.
    Very movie-esque. I like it! Honestly doesn't look like Nebraska, but I won't fight that too hard.
  36. 15.
    Not a horse person at all, but this makes me irrationally happy. A lot happening, but not too overwhelming. I dig it.
  37. 14.
    Pirate ship, spaceship, and palm trees? Honestly, sign me up. I hate Florida (I've lived here for almost five years, I get to say that), but this quarter gets it, all while playing with the triangular composition.
  38. 13.
    This is very nice, but I like the Minnesota lake quarter better. Don't hate this at all though.
  39. 12.
    South Dakota
    I like it. There was no way they wouldn't put Mt. Rushmore on the quarter, and it's very tasteful with the bird and border stalks of wheat. Good work.
  40. 11.
    Love this fish. But, like Oregon, the lake quarter was done best by Minnesota, and besides the fish the background is too far back to appreciate the trees and other wildlife.
  41. 10.
    The simplicity here is working for me. The minimalist aesthetic with the silhouette effect of the cowboy gets me hyped as fuck.
  42. 9.
    Cheese, corn, and cows: the Holy Trinity. So much respect for what this quarter is about.
  43. 8.
    Love this. Wish there was more about the state, but this is a beautiful coin.
  44. 7.
    I get this. Love the Hawaiian text and the placement of the king juxtaposed with the islands. Not trying too hard, which I really respect. Could do with some floral patterning, but IDK if that's more stereotypical than celebratory.
  45. 6.
    I love music, and I love this quarter! Thanks, Nashville (the city, but also the show for giving Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere a place to play together)!
  46. 5.
    I'm so biased here, but this is great: state outline and slogan, nice lake background, and state bird at the foreground. Very well balanced aesthetically. Way to go, home state!
  47. 4.
    I'm a sucker for desert landscapes, cacti, and various succulents. Points for promoting xeriscaping!
  48. 3.
    The minimalism is working on me (and my Midwestern sensibilities -- shout out to the dwindling bison population) here. Plus I love sunflowers. Kansas, respect.
  49. 2.
    New Jersey
    Yeah, this is cool. Love art and historical references, and this does the damn thing. Props, Garden State!
  50. 1.
    New Mexico
    Love this. Obsessed. So simple and elegant while capturing the state's origins. Yeah. A+.