Why I'm Watching "Clouds of Sils Maria" Twice in One Evening

Don't sleep on this French-American cinematic treasure!
  1. Ladies in the entertainment industry
    Representation is so important! It also tackles actor shelf lives (especially as women) and coming to terms with being young versus being old.
  2. Juliette Binoche
  3. Kristen Stewart
    Girl gets a bad rep but she can act at the same speed as Juliette Binoche here. Also she won a French Oscar (Cesar) for this role!
  4. Chloe Grace Moretz
    Also don't know why she gets a bad rep. I find her fascinating, and she shines in this movie as a paparazzi-bait ingenue starlet.
  5. Female friendship!
    Yay, feminism! Binoche (an aging actress) and Stewart (her assistant) hang out like old chums, and their relationship mirrors that of the two women in the play starring Binoche and Moretz.
  6. Celebrity culture
    More broadly, this is a take on Hollywood culture and how people operate within it. I dig it.
  7. Textual analysis debates
    It's like watching a book club! And lord knows I love a good book club.
  8. The juxtaposition of nature and the theatre
    The natural and artificial. And it's beautifully shot in the way it represents both, especially the Alps.
  9. Scoring every scene with famous orchestral arrangements
    At one point it's Pachelbel's Canon, which is normally so disruptive in its reference to weddings, but it operates in this film so organically.
  10. Directed by Oliver Assayas
    I have only seen one of his films (Irma Vep) but his style of storytelling is so vibrant in how it studies the film industry.