1. Brunches at Manna
    And friends who will read this
  2. Kayaking relays
    Though we were defeated
  3. Volleyball nights where we win all three games
    These are a few of my favorite thangs
  4. When the job sucks. When the pay stinks. When I'm feeling sad.
    I simply remember I'm in Madison
  5. And then I don't feel so bad
  6. Iced Dunkin coffee
    My friends really like it
  7. Volleyball games
    Where we punch it and spike it
  8. Bbq dinners at CCCK
    These are the things I can think of today
  9. When I'm home sick, or I'm stressed out, when I cannot sleep
  10. I simply create a new list in this app
  11. And list all my favorite things!