1. Drink water
    Yes, even if you're not feeling thirsty
  2. Shower and make yourself look human
    Yes, even if you don't have plans
  3. There is goodness in the world, despite only seeing tragedy in the news
  4. Stop touching your face
    Your mother was right
  5. Go to the gym
    You won't do it, but here's a reminder that you should at least feel guilty about that
  6. People can hear you singing in the shower
    Pick good songs
  7. People can see you dancing on the train platform
    Why should you care?
  8. Pie is always a good idea
  9. You have so many books on your reading list
    Stop buying new ones
  10. Stop being afraid to tell people how you feel about them
    One day they won't be around to hear it
  11. Stop worrying about whether or not people think about you as much as you think of them
    They don't and it's okay
  12. Some people are works of art
    Recognizing that they are beautiful does not give you the right to keep them
  13. You are not your darkest moments
    But they are a piece of you
  14. It is okay to have no clue where you'll be in four months
  15. It's okay to have no clue where you'll be in four weeks
  16. No thing, place, person or feeling is permanent
  17. Stop ordering take out
    The Indian place on your block should not know your order by heart
  18. You are not alone
    Sufjan Stevens is out there somewhere
  19. You're not as funny as you think you are
    But neither is anyone else
  20. As far as defense mechanisms go, comedy isn't a bad one
  21. You know how to make creme brûlée
    That is a thing you learned how to do
  22. People who shouldn't die can die
    And you'll never fully understand this
  23. People kiss for all sorts of reasons
    Isn't that comforting ?
  24. Hey Ya by Outkast can fix most problems
  25. Your 11-year-old self would think you're cool as hell
    Your 11-year-old self would wonder why you still feel sad sometimes
  26. You spent a lot of your life being told you were stupid
    You spend a lot of time now being told that you're pretentious by those same people
  27. You should probably be writing
    Isn't that something you want to do for a living ?
  28. No matter how many times you place your favorite book in someone else's hands, they're probably not going to read it
  29. The full story of your tattoo is much longer and much more emotional than anyone truly has time for
  30. You are responsible for living your life to the fullest
  31. Don't wait
  32. Look alive out there
  33. And drink water
    Yes, it's worth saying again