I'm picking out the important stuff so you don't have to!
  1. Sam had sex!!!!
  2. Baby King had sex!!!!
  3. Sansa washed out her hair dye!
  4. Cersei got a Claire Underwood haircut!!!
    Now she is truly unstoppable!
  5. Arya became a clam salesman
  6. Stannis fucked up worse than ever before
  7. The Wall continues to give me seasonal depression
  8. There was one really great moment scored by whisper-singing.
  9. There is a Kissing Kate Barlow moment.
  10. Organized religion is scarier than dragons
  11. Jamie's lack of a hand proved useful
  12. They don't hurt little girls in Dorn. Little girls hurt YOU in Dorn.
  13. Daenerys rides off on a dragon and shows everyone what the fuck is up