(some of them are not very exciting)
  1. Get a short story published
  2. Publish a second play
  3. Perform improv for an actual audience
  4. Travel to London
  5. See Sufjan Stevens in concert
  6. Make creme brûlée
  7. Go to DC
  8. Go to a premiere party
  9. Comic Con
  10. Walk the Moodna Viaduct at sunset
  11. Bring people together
  12. Hold an outdoor movie night
    (Rocky Horror)
  13. Win an EVVY
  14. Publish on Thought Catalog
  15. Go to the MFA
  16. Get a Polaroid camera
  17. Work for The Emerson Channel
  18. Do a Kickstarter
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Do stand up