1. Not being anyone's emotional bandaid
  2. Be kinder
  3. Not take any shit
  4. Be pickier about who I kiss
  5. Go on more dates
  6. Drink more water (always)
  7. Stop repeating my old mistakes
  8. Recognize that social media does not matter
  9. Recognize that the opinions of others do not matter
  10. Read more books
  11. Write (always)
  12. Try cooking new things
  13. Work hard
  14. Work hard to make work fun
  15. Explore new places (always)
  16. Step that pussy up, honey
  17. Stop lying about going to the gym and just accept your lack of muscle mass
  18. Recognize that you're a damn prize and you don't have to change or fit within a mold to be loved
  19. Call grandparents more
  20. Expect less
  21. Want more
  22. Try to be friends with your siblings even though they're terrible sometimes
  23. Stop being in love with people who can't love you back
  24. Find a new hobby
  25. Try a new art
  26. Seriously, please drink more water
  27. Get more sleep
  28. Clean your room regularly
  29. Find something to do about your hair. Please. Seriously.
  30. Maybe change your face wash for the first time in years? It's not quite doing it.
  31. Invest in plants