(an incomplete list)
  1. Mint tea
  2. Jars of honey
  3. Fresh strawberries dipped in sugar
  4. Slices of tomato with salt
  5. Being woken up by a dog jumping on your bed
  6. Singing along to the radio with the windows down all by yourself
  7. Driving in silence at night with a friend
  8. Seeing a performance alone
    (It will always feel more religious than any church service)
  9. Motown music
    (It will always remind me of my mom and Christmas)
  10. The sound of hard soled shoes on a floor
    (It will always remind me of important days)
  11. Red wine
  12. Someone's lips after red wine
  13. The smell of the earth after rain
  14. Laughing with someone for no reason
  15. Skeleton keys
  16. The word "syzygy"
  17. Hands
  18. Having inside jokes with yourself