With December 30th rolling around, it's time for the annual year in review.
  1. The Good:
    I was able to shadow two influential doctors in the neuroscience field that helped me further pursue my passion of becoming a doctor.
  2. I've made huge strides as both a musician as well as a skateboarder. Being able to see the progress after putting in the effort is extremely fulfilling. "Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness."
  3. I watched the New York Mets almost win a World Series. Baseball was my first love, and being able to see the mets win a playoff game live and In person still makes me crack a smile. My "groundhog day" would be October 18th.
  4. I believe I've grown into a more selfless, and thoughtful person. I try to put others happiness before my own and make sure the ones close to me know how much they mean to me.
  5. The Bad:
    For the first time in my life, I battled depression. I spent my days worrying about my future and things that were beyond my reach that it took an extreme toll on every relationship. I believed I was pretty worthless, and incompetent solely because I didn't get an email back for a few months. Everything wound up working out in the end. I continue to let my fear of the future take a toll on me, but I have a really great support team.
  6. I got dumped. Amidst the depression, and constant self loathe, I lost one of the only things I truly cared about. She couldn't take it anymore but she really didn't understand. I owe a lot to this though. It was an eye opener; I grew up way too fast. I was judgmental, pretentious and I was letting life pass me by. Things are still weird with us
  7. All my plans to travel fell through. I didn't get to ride my bike through Italy, or drive cross country and snowboard in Colorado and Wyoming for two weeks. Ever since I spent three weeks in California, I've been yearning for that same feeling of freedom.
  8. I've developed incredibly lazy habits that have inhibited my work ethic. However, I don't seem to have the energy to break them. Smoking too much weed and watching the office face deep in chocolate covered pretzels every night is just too enticing.
  9. Even after making this list, I still don't know how I feel about 2015. I'm just going to continue to make positive strides in every facet of my life, and welcome 2016 with open arms.