1. The One Where Phoebe Gets Addicted To Blow
  2. The One Where Chandler Gains Weight
  3. The One Where They Recast Phoebe With An Old Broom And No One Notices
  4. The One Where Chandler Loses Weight
  5. The One Where Rachel Is Ditzy And Monica Is Neurotic
  6. The One With Incestuous Undertones Between The Gellars
  7. The One Where The Friends Remember Their Seventh Friend Who They Murdered And Took A Blood Oath Never To Mention Again
  8. The One Where Joey Was A Figment Of Chandler's Imagination The Whole Time
  9. The One Where Everyone Is Still Fucking Friends With God Damn Ross Have You Fucking Met That Guy Jesus It Makes No Sense I Mean Sure He's Monica's Brother But We As An Audience Can't Build An Emotional Investment In His Relationship With Rachel If He's So Fucking Deplorable And Annoying And Joey Goes In For An Audition