Keanu Reeves is a prolific actor who is in many of my favorite movies - here is a completely subjective ranking of his movies.
  1. 1. The Matrix
    While the sequels are terrible, this movie revolutionized how action would be shot, the story tries so hard to be original and as a reward has been replicated throughout the genre ever since.
  2. 2. John Wick
    Modern action at its best, with a simple story and compelling character the best action sequences of the last 10 years blend together perfectly.
  3. 3. Bill and Ted's excellent adventure
    I passed AP World History because I watched this movie the day before the exam.
  4. 4. The Replacements
    Who wouldn't want to see Keanu Reeves play a football player who had too many concussions and can't get a job (spoiler: he gets offered a job)
  5. 5. Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
    A solid sequel to a different approach to low budget teen movies, plus the music is solid.
  6. 6. Speed
    One of the most 90's movies ever - I don't want to spoil any of it, but it's fast.
  7. 7. Point Break (1991)
    Almost as 90's as speed, this fast paced action movie is a fun watch.
  8. 8. Man of Tai Chi
    Keanu's directorial debut, a solid action film with solid characters.
  9. 9. Deep Web
    Documentary in which Keanu narrates, it's only this low on the list because all the other movies are pretty action packed and this is a slow informative piece, still great though.
  10. 10. Little Buddha
    Keanu does a solid acting job in an underrated movie from the early 90's.