How an episode of Arthur centered around the 2016 election would work

  1. Muffy and her dad would be staunch Donald Trump supporters. When Francine announces she prefers Bernie Sanders (because she's Jewish) this drives a wedge between them.
  2. The Brain is campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton and looks down on anyone who has a different opinion.
  3. Binky is clueless to the whole thing, but decided to educate himself and make an informed decision.
  4. Prunella claims she's communicated to the spirits and they told her not to support anyone.
  5. D.W. puts a Jill Stein poster in the Read family's front yard, which horrifies Arthur who has no idea which candidate to support.
  6. Buster says he likes Gary Johnston, and when someone corrects him that it's Gary JOHNSON Buster goes "yeah, him too."
  7. In the end Mr. Ratburn gives an inspiring speech about how great it is that we have the right to vote. He also reassures Arthur that it's okay that he doesn't know who to support and that he has plenty of time to figure that out.
  8. Everyone makes up and it's a happy ending.