PC Games I Played As a Child

  1. Freddie Fish
    The cool thing about these was that the there would be slight changes every time you went back and played it.
  2. Put Put
    Put out by the same studio that made Freddie Fish. Only downside was that Put Put's voice was REALLY grinding.
  3. Civilization II
    My cousin got me into this. But I never really wanted to conquer anyone I just wanted to build things and establish diplomatic relationships.
  4. Mall Tycoon
    It was fun, but I always felt clueless what do do design-wise. Also once the zombies or aliens or whatever they were showed up, you were screwed.
  5. Word Womp
    My mom's favorite.
  6. Math Blaster Episode 2
    I used to play this in my aunt's classroom after school, but I could never get very far in this because I suck(ed) at math.
  7. Jump Start
    Can't remember which ones I specifically had though.
  8. Jump Start Music
    Except for this one. I loved this one because I was obsessed with musical instruments as a kid.
  9. Power Pete
    Mostly watched my mom and brother play this one, but it was still cool.
  10. Professor Piccolo
    This came built in to our ancient computer. Again, I really liked instruments.
  11. Adventureland
    This was pretty cool, but it was kind of hard.
  12. Power Rangers Time Force PC
  13. Reader Rabbit
    Couldn't figure out the specific version in the picture, but my brother and I could never beat it.
  14. Kid Pix
  15. Clifford Learning Activities
    My friend had this and I loved it.
  16. Fisher-Price Pet Shop
    🐾 super fun, but it was REALLY buggy
  17. Oregon Trail
    I mean didn't everyone play this? I was never really a fan though.
  18. Thinkin Things Collection 2
    Another gem from prehistoric Windows 👌
  19. Hoyle Kids Games
    I was obsessed with getting all the trophies.🏆
  20. There was also this one that my aunt gave me that I can't remember the name of and it really agitates me
  21. Zoo Tycoon
    My life. I still play this. I played this yesterday.