I'd be happy to proofread your resume if you think you do these things...
  1. Multiple fonts
    Keep it simple. Multiple fonts are distracting and excessive. The only time there should be a difference in fonts, is if you put something in bold or italics (only if necessary).
  2. Hyperlinks
    There should not be anything underlined (unless it's a title of something) or blue on your resume. There's a specific function that quickly makes these things go away if you right click on the hyperlink.
  3. Bullet points
    So bullet points are fine, but a maximum of four together at any given time. More than that will make the reader (your potential boss) bored from reading and will most likely throw it away. Make your point, but don't drag on.
  4. Ambiguity
    Don't drag on like previously mentioned, but make sure that you are specific. Ex: Don't just put the name of your college or high school on your resume. Put the name of the completion certificate (high school diploma, degree and it's name) also the year of completion, maybe even accompanied by the month or term.
  5. Labels
    Let me don't need to put "Email" or "Phone" before an email or phone number in your heading or references. The reader knows that a 10 digit number separated by a hyphen or a series of letters with an "@" symbol is your phone number and email address.
  6. Spelling/grammar
    For gods sake, use the damn spell check! I mean, Word does it for you!