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As long as they are Disney, or whatever's...
  1. Star Wars
    I love Star Wars either it's the "The Empire Strikes Back" to "The Return of the Jedi" I am a huge fan of the Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars is an amazing series and it has been inspiring me to look to the stars and believe that there is something out there from other human-inhabitable planets to alien life forms.
  2. Harry Potter
    Not much to say about Harry Potter but ITS AWESOME. Love the creativity behind the direction of the potter Series especially the book series also. I always imagined what I would look like casting spells.... LMAO!!
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy
    Seriously, who doesn't like a human abducted from aliens as a child to grow up to be the galaxy's most wanted..."Star Lord"..... What, no? I love the movie from the old music, to the futuristic-alien like fighter ships.
  4. Disney movies
    I mean, Disney is the king of movie making, I love so many I can't give an explanation for every single one of them so I'll just name them: Wall-E, lilo & Stitch, invisible Sister, finding Nemo, descendants, lion king etc..