1. I hope they don't floss
  2. It smells weird in here. Like rubber gloves. And evil.
  3. I'm the oldest one here...probably because it's a pediatric dentist. I'm 20. "Pediatric" was supposed to end two years ago.
  4. My teeth are so clean. And white. I better get a compliment.
  5. Actually they'll probably inform me I need a few root canals, molars removed, and a rare mouth disease. At least my teeth are white...
  6. They have candy and coffee in the waiting room. Isn't that contradictory to the goal here...or maybe it's ingenious business strategy
  7. *Dentist lady* "Matthew? Is there a Matthew here?" Shoot, that's me. She was probably expecting a 7 year old kid. But nope I'm a grown 5'9 college male. Here we go.