First ever list *gulps*
  1. Orange Sweet Rolls
    Not to be confused with Cinnamon Rolls which are actually the same exact thing.
  2. Bacon
    This is the stuff that comes from a pig. I think? Goes good with anything, especially bacon.
  3. French Toast
    Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite toast. Brother of the French Fry.
  4. Waffles
    Not to be confused with a falafel. What the h*ck is a falafel?!!
  5. Pancakes
    Has a crush on bacon but don't tell syrup because syrup will get salty and syrup is supposed to be sweet, not salty.
  6. Coffee Cake
    So boring, so good.
  7. Bagels
    Not to be confused with bae goals. (Selena Gomez)
  8. Sausage
  9. Cereal
    Best friend of milk. Worst enemy of water.
  10. English Muffins
    Not a cousin of the French Toasts.