Had the melody all picked out on piano/guitar and wanted to give it some more life. (I use we/they in the same manner when explaining)
  1. Last time around the block
    Meaning: It's getting late but we had a great day and don't want it to end.
  2. Before the sun sets, while its still hot
    The sun is hot. You're hot. I could go on.
  3. I know you, you know me
    We know each other. This is not just knowing though, it's more of a mind reading/sensing/same level kind of feeling.
  4. We'll pick back up tomorrow
    Tomorrow doesn't actually mean the next day necessarily. It symbolizes the next time two people see each other. This instance, two friends can act like they see each other every day even though it's been years since their last meeting.
  5. Last time around the block
    This is the second time (somewhere in the future) where they/we meet. Same meaning as the first part.
  6. Before the sun sets, while its still hot
    You're even hotter.
  7. I know you, you know me
    We know each other.
  8. We both run 'til we can't breathe
    Both very competitive and want to outrun the other. Both won't stop talking to each other but it never gets old.
  9. Let's go around the world
    I want to travel the world with you. World meaning Earth and life.
  10. To all the cities and the rural
    Didn't want to rhyme girl with world. Happens in every song with 'world'. Occurs in 4 of my songs.
  11. We got time in days, in nights
    We're so young and have so much to see
  12. It just feels right
    This is the title of the song and it just feels right.