If Donald Trump Turned Into an Animal He'd Be...

  1. A poodle
    One of the more prestigious dog breeds that people of a higher class take a liking to. This top dog will get whatever it wants and also has an overlooked vicious temper.
  2. A bull shark
    One of everyone's worst nightmare -These sharks are known for their aggressive nature. They can regulate their bodies to live in either salt water or fresh water. Some wonder why they will switch between these different lifestyles and views.
  3. A hippo
    The hippopotamus seems like an innocent large mammal most of the time but many do not realize that it is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Oh and it's got some weird looking skin.
  4. A wolf
    This intimidating creature always has a plan when on the hunt. It is one of the smarter animals in the wild and has a useful mean streak.
  5. An ostrich
    I don't know why I just think he looks like one
  6. An orangutan
    He also looks like an orangutan.
  7. A Tasmanian devil
    A very feisty animal with a unique personality. They like to show their dominance with sounds and physical posturing. This method is often used in GOP debates.
  8. A honey bee
    The honey bee pollenates flowers and creates opportunities for plants to grow. But if you bother this bee it will come right back at you with the stinger. Also known to build giant security wall around honey so intruders can't enter.
  9. A house fly
    The most annoying specimen on the planet. Once you think you've gotten rid of it...it always comes back.