( Inspired by @angusisley )
  1. Top 5 Dream - Eating Oreo O's cereal with the characters from Toy Story
    More casual than you'd think, there were no words to be said amongst the colorful group because we were all snacking on the sugary cereal.
  2. Top 5 Dream - Rapped for a group of people and remembered the lyrics when I woke up
    This was before smart phones so I would've jotted it down in my notes if they were more accessible. I do know the rhyming words were lateral and adderall.
  3. Top 5 Dream - 200 people fit into a giant blow up pool
    Someone shrunk the kids. College kids that is, which was cool because I was 10 when I had this dream. Everyone was the size of an ant and the pool shrunk too.
  4. Top 5 Dream - Went on a date with Alyson Michalka
    The date was on a school bus but who wouldn't want to go on a school bus date with a beautiful celebrity?
  5. Recurring Dream (When I was young) - Carmen Sandiego is trying to kidnap me from my parents at a restaurant
    She's pulling me back into the restaurant on a moving walkway (like what you see at an airport) as my parents just stand there, unable to get me off of it...?
  6. Recurring Dream - Flying
    Tough to call this an act of flying. This sensation was really was just me running around in the sky. No flapping of the wings, no jet pack powered motion vertically or horizontally, but an art fueled by running...in the air.
  7. Recurring Dream - Dunking a basketball
    This is also one of my real life dreams so it's no wonder I keep having instances in my sleep where I'm throwing down on the basket with ease.
  8. Top 5/Recurring Dream - I find myself surrounded with friends and family in my favorite vacation spot
    I love this one. Every year we go on vacation to the same spot for a week. In this dream it's always in a different week during the year. Even seems more enjoyable than the real life vacation.
  9. In the real life version of The Jungle Book
    I didn't go through parts of the story but did interact with most of the characters including Mogley and Baloo.
  10. Had to rap battle a 10 year old kid from the hood in order to save my own life
    He was going to shoot me if I didn't spit straight fire rhymes on the spot.
  11. I'm walking around a house
    For about 30 minutes in dream time (felt like 30 minutes, probably 10 secs) I walked laps in a complete square (yeah) around a boring old house.
  12. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a wheelchair and he wants me to date his daughter...who is also in a wheelchair
    Pretty sure Arnold was going commando in the wheelchair. He was the bad guy in this dream too because his daughter was actually a huge jerk to me.
  13. (6 years old) I was dreaming that I got up out of bed to go to the bathroom and literally wet my own bed
    If this were a recurring dream I'd be in big trouble. But how crappy is it that this translated into real life?