1. Daniel Day Lewis
    I peaked early. Dad jeans. Steve jobs turtle neck.
  2. Alec Baldwin
    We wore matching black coats. Eye contact was above average.
  3. Dakota Fanning
    Mom jeans. White crop top. Perfectly greasy hair.
  4. Matt Hitt
    Not really a celeb. Leather. Black. I stole his cab.
  5. Winston Marshall
    Banjo. Love him. What a mess. Cut your hair. No skin to be seen despite 90 degree weather.
  6. Josh Kushner
    Blue sweater over white collared shirt. New fashion icon. Underneath Karlie Kloss billboard, too perfect.
  7. Sprouse Twins
    Don't get me started.
  8. Alec Baldwin's baby
    More exciting than Alec sighting. Big head. Wasn't doing yoga, oddly. Something overpriced. Looked better than me.
  9. Bill de Blasio
    Should have asked about the groundhog. Clothes from Kmart big and tall section.
  10. The least popular Jonas Brother
    Not Frankie, the other one. Dressed nicely, matte black car ruined it.