It started with ankle pain and swelling...
  1. I felt insecure about my toenails.
  2. I was the first appointment of the day and had the distinct honor of watching the doctor change into his white coat. Ribbed white tank top, chest hair, gold chain.
  3. I filled out the form wrong.
  4. My referral was wrong.
  5. Picked a peice of dead skin off my heal.
  6. I got my referral fixed.
  7. I tried to correct my wrong form and made it more wrong.
  8. I read about getting HIV at the nail salon.
  9. The Russian secretary called my honey.
  10. Apparently fungus should be the least of my worries.
  11. The doctor felt my ankle.
  12. I got an X-Ray.
  13. Was asked if I was pregnant. Felt flattered.
  14. The X-Ray was inconclusive.
  15. He then told me I either have a bone that grew too large or a cyst or a tumor.
  16. I got an MRI referral.
  17. All before 9:30am.