These are some eats and treats you simply must try!
  1. That one place on Beverly with the Schwarma. What's it called again? I think it's starts with a T. They have really good pita.
  2. That place downtown that sells sandwiches. Like super good old fashioned roast beef sandwiches. It's dirty in there? What's that place called?
  3. That pizza place on the east side that's really big with the long tables. They do pizza in the super hot oven where the crust is like, perfect? You know what I'm talking about right? Dang why can't I remember the name of that place I just went there last week.
  4. Ugh god what is that place in Atwater Village that's a bakery and their pastries make me want to die because they taste so effing good?
  5. Applebee's