I love emojis and I don't use them too much because people (my girlfriend) will think I'm weirder than she already knows I am .
  1. 👽
    It captures my personality perfectly. As in no one knows who or what the fuck I am, including me.
  2. 🐵
    I probably say Monkey 40-370 times a day depending on who I'm with and what we're doing. Friends and Sports = towards the 370 mark
  3. 🍆
    Dick jokes
  4. 😑
    If do right, no can defend.
  5. 👨🏻
    When a regular smiley face emoji isn't gonna cut it, integrate some facial hair into the conversation equation. Dominance
  6. 🎅🏿
    I believe in racial equality and social justice. I would welcome a Black Santa in my home and into the homes of my family.
  7. 💙👑🍕
    The emoji sequence I used often whilst courting my girlfriend. This did the equivalent of earning me an emoji black belt. I am the Sensei.