Once upon a time in 2011 Atlanta
  1. I was once in Teach For America
    There's great people doing great things in TFA. I am not bitter towards them, but ultimately feel it's a band-aid solution.
  2. I taught math and science to 8th graders
    Two subjects! Double duty for the rookie teacher. I also had special needs students and more kids than desks.
  3. I volunteered with the football team
    I fit in there and the coaches were very real with these kids speaking to them as adults. Lots of swearing.
  4. I told a kid to stop being a dick
    He had scribbled all over the girls paper who was sitting next to him. He was on the football team.
  5. I catch a kid passing a note
    During a test. The note reads, "can u believe this butt fucking faggot fuck made this test so looong? Wuts #3?"
  6. I send him to the office
    I saved the note to show my friends. Proof I was too immature to be a teacher.
  7. The kid rats me out
    Why am I getting in trouble when Mr. Mandarino swears at us...
  8. 3 day suspension
    Aka paid vacation
  9. I was laid off at the end of the year
    District made cuts. My suspension put me at the top of that list. Ending my career as a classroom teacher.