5 awesome gifs I made myself

As requested by @streetlightlove
  1. NewYears.gif
    Fresh after a break-up, whole apartment to myself, why not make a little stop motion scene?? http://m.imgur.com/UWwNN
  2. Evil.gif
    Made from the fine creations of the ADHD folks, but I use it often so I'll put it on this list. http://m.imgur.com/0f3oKO3
  3. DancingBacon.gif
  4. YayBananas.gif
    Made this really quickly for a friend when I got my new tablet. http://m.imgur.com/aTU8RsI
  5. Parcheesi.gif
    Test shot for a little project I have been working on. http://m.imgur.com/QYdeWKL