Top 5 is generous. There were only five I watched.
  1. 5. Ouija
    Most modern horror movies wait until the third act to fall apart. That is where they attempt (and fail) to personify the creepy atmosphere they created. Ouija cuts right to the chase! Positives: Met every low expectation I had!
  2. 4. The Signal (2014)
    To be fair, HBO was probably too broad in calling this a horror movie. To be even fairer, it was boring regardless. Positives: Olivia Cooke and Lin Shaye in the first two movies on the list!
  3. 3. Annabelle
    Like other movies based on the made-up adventures of real life ghost conquerors Ed and Lorraine Warren, there are some genuinely goosebumpy scenes in this film. Also a lot of meh. Positives: Period pieces are fun!
  4. 2. The Purge: Anarchy
    Make no mistake, this is not a horror movie despite HBO's (and probably the producers) assertions. This is an action movie in the vain of Assault on Precinct 13 or 16 Blocks. And it is a good one of those movies. Positives: Noel Gugliemi!
  5. 1. Unfriended
    Twelve hours ago I would not have believed I would put Unfriended on the top of any list ever. And really, it is not a great movie. But it is interesting. It is taking a look at the modern age and cyberbullying. For taking such a big swing in an interesting narrative way, I commend it. Positives: Got real licenses! It isn't using and Skyip. The narrative is built around real tech.