After the great cross country physical media purge of 2011, this is what remains...
  1. 5. Burger Time
    Sure, it is the crappy Intellivision version, but Burger Time!
  2. 4. Bayonetta 2
    Ok, I haven't actually finished it, but you only need to play 5 minutes to see how incredible this game is.
  3. 3. The Simpsons: Hit and Run
    I haven't played this game in ages. And I have a terrible memory. But I brought my PS2 to a hotel room to keep playing this game back in the day. So it has to be great!
  4. 2. Okage: The Shadow King
    I haven't played a lot of JRPGs and I haven't owned a PS2 in years, but I couldn't let this legit funny game go. I had so much fun with this game I went on the internets to print out a map of the final section because I *needed* to finish it.
  5. 1. Splatoon
    If you haven't played Splatoon, no words are going to make you understand how it was one of two games that got me back into multiplayer. Now the theme song is stuck in my head. And I like it!