WARNING: comments' amusingness may be exaggerated by paternal narcissism.
  1. "Daddy, an arrow hit that troll in the nipple."
  2. Singing a song called "Teamwork" as the dwarves slaughter a bunch of orcs.
  3. "And Bombur's all like, 'That's not MY fault.'"
  4. "Are dwarves Jewish?"
  5. "If I had the Ring I would eat it and never poop it out."
  6. "I can't believe Theoden just gave Shadowfax to Gandalf. That's a great horse!"
  7. "Who was president during Middle Earth?"
  8. "Frodo should just shoot Sauron in face."
  9. "Sauron AND Saruman? Whoever wrote these books sure liked S's."