1. Skobo's
    A Denny's-type chain
  2. Garbage Wings
    Buffalo wings are served in mini-dumpsters & the dipping sauces are in trash cans
  3. 'Zerz
    All-appetizer restaurant
  4. 'Zertz
    When 'Zers went bankrupt it was rebranded as all-dessert restaurant
  5. El Chemisti
    El Bulli-type joint with Jose Andres-type chef
  6. Haile Delicious Ethiopian Food
    A taste of Addis Addaba
  7. Taco Gun
    Unsure if this one made it to air
  8. Dimwillie's
    Rural Waffle House chain possibly created by John Frink now that I think about it
  9. Kentucky Fried Panda
    Not my finest hour
  10. Cletus' Chicken Shack
    Not on the show but exists in real life at Universal Studios Orlando & Hollywood. Huge battle over whether we could call menu item "Chicken Thumbs." "What if people think they're really thumbs?" "People seem okay with 'fingers.'"
  11. Mr. Steak