Super lady
  1. Fail to RSVP for our kid's birthday party
    Please, just respond to the email
  2. Falsely label a yard sale an "estate sale"
    A cardinal sin
  3. Mail her a giant unrequested catalog
    592b9891 847f 46db 8d1c 2b5969f430c4
    Restoration Hardware is #1 on her enemies list
  4. In any way make her aware of the existence of gas leaf blowers
    If she had a bazooka she would blast so many innocent gardeners
  5. Eat the peaches from her peach tree
    Squirrels this means you
  6. Be a movie where older guy's love interest is younger lady
    Oh boy... oh boy...
  7. Fail to close the bathroom door at night, thus letting the light in
    This is mainly on me