You'd expect better from the writers for Bart Simpson.
  1. We replaced the cash in Dan Greaney's wallet with lettuce. He did not find out till later when he tried to pay the pizza delivery guy.
  2. We took Tim Long's new BMW on a short joyride around the parking lot.
  3. Someone threw a giant basket of loose candy to a tour of school kids as the teachers freaked out.
  4. Ian Maxtone-Graham taped Dana Gould's cell phone to the ceiling so he had to jump up on a table to get it back.
  5. A fake Golden Globe party was concocted to make people jealous they weren't invited, supposedly at David Mamet's house.
  6. Once, after I insulted the city of East St. Louis in a newspaper article, the other writers hired an actor to pretend to be the mayor of East St. Louis, and the Mayor came to the writers room and balled me out for half an hour while I quivered like a baby, showing my true colors as a wimpy coward.
    This worked perfectly. I had no idea it was a set-up. One of the most amazing experiences of my life, to be so perfectly pranked.