Self-hating parodies of lame old-school sitcom jargon which over time we started using for real.
  1. WACKY STACK: Too much silliness at once. Legend has it this phrase was made up by Brent Forrester to mess with an Entertainment Weekly reporter doing a story on writers room terminology.
  2. SHRUGGO: Dialog that a character speaks while shrugging.
  3. TRIPLE CHECK: A joke so great that it receives three checks by writers making notes in their scripts. Often used sarcastically re: terrible jokes.
  4. REVEALIZE: When a character both discovers something and figures it out at the same time. (Reveal + Realize)
  5. EMOTION LOTION: Emotion Lotion is a valuable dramatic moisturizer to ensure scenes are compelling because they are motivated by characters' feelings. "The story where Homer joins the competitive eating circuit needs more emotion lotion." (Named after the classic Mr. Show sketch for no reason.)
  6. UPPER DECKER: When a writer turns in a script that needs a total overhaul then leaves so the other writers have to do all the hard work fixing it.
  7. RATINGS JOKE GOLD: A joke so funny that it could single-handedly increase the show's ratings. (Coined by Tim Long in "Behind the Laughter".)
  8. "BURNS IS SCROOGE": Scornful shorthand for an easy, obvious, wholly unoriginal mash-up any idiot could think of. "Oh, Mr. Burns could be Scrooge! Homer could be Bob Cratchit! Bart could Tiny Tim..."
  9. CONFUSE-ILARIOUS: Funny but baffling.
  10. CRANBERRY: Pitching with as little comedic acumen as required to compete on Family Feud. "Show me: 'Things you would see at Thanksgiving dinner!'" (Observed by 90s veteran John Levenstein.)