The picture at the end of the TV show you worked on that sums up WHO YOU ARE.
  1. A washed-out photo of me and my brother as kids building a snowman in front of house where we grew up
  2. An old time typewriter being typed by fingers made of smaller typewriters
  3. Anarchy sign spray-painted over a million dollar bill
  4. Classic image of an open script, but FADE IN: fills the page. Just fills it
  5. Collage of girls who rejected me in high school / college / my 20s sobbing with regret
  6. Tribal tattoo on pumped bicep that says my production company name in tribal language
  7. Terrible drawing by my kids that is clearly so cute and special that Daddy loves them so so much and is a great daddy even though he spends all his time making this mediocre show & not with kids
  8. Industrial factory poster as if my fake comedy company WAS ALSO AN INDUSTRIAL FACTORY